Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wifey's getting fat - part 2

"Honey, geez you've got a great rack" I said to wifey in the backyard.

" Have I?" she replied confidently.

"Yep, a great set. Good capacity, easy to mount too" I added innocently.

"Hmm, that's great." said she, dubious of the double entendre possiblity.

"Although, one's a bit bigger than the other and they sit at different heights."

"REALLY" was her firm response.

We all know the look. That look. But I was brave and soldiered on, my intention pure. Fact is, she needed to be told. She thought... but then I was talking about... anyways lets move forward.

For our upcoming trip, the Pug needed some racks. Seeing as the frame is small, the tyre is big and wifey has widdle wegs, there is no way a Viscacha/Pika seatpack from Revelate was going to fit. In the parts room I had a Topeak seatpost rack, and my old Minoura rack. Perfect. I prefer rackless touring, but we have some bulky gear that will just sit better on a rack or in a pannier bag.

I have fond memories of this rack, bitd I had this mounted on the front of my mint '88 GT Karakoram, I'd finish work and on the way home I'd pick up wifey - literally - she'd sit on the rack and try not to ladder her stockings.

I don't quite have the spoon bending power of Uri Geller, so I shaped the bracket with what are undoubtedly the 2 most versatile tools in the universe - the vice and the hammer.

10L drybag and my old Axiom bags. Ample space for the wetsuits, flippers, goggles etc.

Out back is the Topeak  rack and the trusty MTX expandable bag. This is the 5 bedroom bag, with flip out panniers and expandable top. Veteran of a few tandem tours, commutes and several years as the pet monkeys' bag for daycare.

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