Sunday, 28 February 2016

ITI 2016 - 1000 miles to Nome - GO TIME

Well friends, the time has come to put thoughts and words into action. Today is the beginning of my race - the race I've trained for, planned for - but also the one that many of you have helped me to begin.

To all who have contributed your support through MyCause or other financial means, I'm forever indebted to you to help me reach this goal - a goal that we can all draw inspiration from - Aussie represent!

To my corporate sponsors - FE Sports, Bonk Breaker, Skratch Labs, Muru Cycles, Ride Mechanic, Dawson Sports, HED wheels, Olympus Australia - many thanks for backing me. I'm about to punish your products in an extreme environment and prove my solid choice of them - I know they'll go the distance!

Over the next 3 weeks or so, my connection with the digital world will be very patchy, however I will be deeply connected with the real world - where every nuance of temperature change, weather pattern and visual intel will be some of the few important things that matter...and regularity. You've seen what's in my food drops.

I am carrying a trace unit, you'll be able to track me here:

Finishing the race is my goal. How I do that is variable and will change day to day. My aim is to perform efficiently - savouring and capturing the moment as I have in the past, but move forward with a physical grace, mechanical smoothness and fabulous fashion coordination (red and black is just so stylish this year on the trail, darlings)

If you get curious about the weather in some of the areas I travel through, there are weather cams at many of the airports. Here is a link to a clickable map and weather stations:

Race website:

A race/route map for your reference:


The friends I have here on the trail, other racers, I hope to share a joke and have a laugh with. If you're broken down, I'll try to help you. I'll be riding solo with a long haul mindset. I plan to spend as little time indoors as possible - I came here for Alaska and it's outdoor treasures.

I'll see all y'all soon.


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