Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bribie backcountry fatbike reconnaissance

With Global Fatbike day approaching, I headed out for a pedal on Bribie Island to test ride and route plan. Found a few surprises. Enjoy the pics!

This section reminded me of the Dismal Swamp, on my Alaskan Iditarod trip. Just needed to be 50 degrees colder, and the sand to magically change to snow.

Pine fresh. The scent of pine needles was ever present and refreshing.

LOTS of snake trails about.

I chose many of the secondary and tertiary trails, these were firmer to ride on and no vehicular traffic to worry about.

The main 4x4 trails have deep, dry and polished sand with no organic material to bind it.

Veins like a road map. I'm trialling the crocs for longer, expedition riding, instead of just using them for short recreation rides. I normally prefer SPD boots and knee high gaiters for bushwacking.

These bee hives were busy, man. Very busy - and I had to go that way. I may have looked like a big Gerbera, but bees don't see red.

I chose some trails that were lesser used, approaching the quaternary level.

Octonary. The trail was barely visible.

Denary. Bushwacking at it's finest. Bullrushes were shoulder height, I couldn't see the trail, but the moonlander is a tank. Best part of the whole day.

I followed an Emu for about a km, before he darted down a sidetrail. Lots of monitor lizards sunning themselves. Disturbed a huge sea eagle at a water hole. Herons, finches, kangaroos, camel prints in the sand.

I bee-lined down a side track to the ocean - several inland trails meet up with the ocean side but heavy gates prevent vehicles from traversing them.

Beach to myself south of the entry/exit track. Two dolphins cruising in the gutter. Solitude.

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