Sunday, 21 February 2016

Iditarod Trail Invitational 2015 - epilogue/montage

My last thing to share with you from ITI 2015 is a photo montage.

I did have a heap of photos of my setup pre-race for 2015 - these will still appear in future reference posts (there is a heap of proprietary tech in there that will help rookies) but I'll be focussing primarily on the setup now for 2016 and the 1000 miles to Nome.

I want these blog posts to help rookies in their quest to find success in their own winter racing dreams. It's not definitive, I'm not a seasoned expert and I can't give you all the secrets - but in saying that, I've put hundreds of quality hours into developing this intelligent, wholistic setup of bike, kit, body and food - there might be just one little piece of tech that may improve your setup and help you reach your goals that bit easier. Share the love, man.

To assist me with my Nome goal in 2016, I'm also running a fundraiser on MyCause to help me get over the line:

My goal is to raise $5000.00 to assist with the immense costs of this expedition race - entry fees, equipment, travel and accom.  The things I learn on this race, gives me the ability to pass on quality, field tested advice to many, many people through my job and social media. When prepping race bikes for clients, I've got unique experience and knowledge to provide the very best advantage for them. To product sponsors, I provide vital feedback and usage at the extreme end of the design parameters - these are my opportunities to give back to my supporters.

I must apologise though - I felt like I let a few people down last year by not carrying a GPS trace unit during the race. I had been so focussed on myself, getting my gear prepped and to Alaska, that it wasn't until the second day on the trail that I started to see the missed opportunity for my supporters back home to share the race with me, via Trackleaders and via social media pics and videos, in real time. My decision to not carry a unit was complex. In a world where we are on the grid all the time, I was aiming to 'go dark' off the matrix for a while - but this was a selfish thing to do and I underestimated the enjoyment that my supporters derived from 'blue dot racing'. Well, this year I wanna make that up, with more reporting in real time and on schedule, as well as GPS tracking - so you can enjoy my glacial pace along the famous Iditarod trail and also be informed about what goes into getting ready for the Iditarod Trail Invitational.  
I hope you've enjoyed the 2015 coverage. Over the next week I'll be covering my prep for 2016, 1000 miles to Nome, which starts 7 days from now (Sunday, 28th February at 2pm Anchorage time - Monday 29th February 9:00am Brisbane time). A very different setup, with lots of handmade gear.

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  1. Outstanding Troy... Deep within my soul is this sense of adventure that's burning away at me! And it's gonna need to be fulfilled next year!... Keep up the hard work mate, it's been a hell of journey to follow you on!