Saturday, 22 April 2017

Pet monkey turns into goat - Pinnacle Sports climbing course day 1 of 8

I'm a firm believer in competency based training. Sure, self taught techniques have their place too, but some disciplines are more enjoyable, confidence building and safer with proper tuition.

The pet monkey (like most outdoor kids) has always had a penchant for climbing - trees, rock gardens, fences, beams, ropes and roof racks. Far be it for me to stop her - she is usually following my example :)

So in line with our family mantra of 'extend to experience' we enrolled her in the kids climbing program with a local Brisbane climb training provider - Pinnacle Sports . An 8 week course will see monkey go through a variety of challenges, with a penultimate finale climb on Mt Ngungun.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves though, today was just day 1 - she roped up and got some good 'ole Brisbane Tuff under the fingertips.

Safe instruction, newbs under the tutelage of Alex. Figure 8's.

Belay assessment.

On rope and communicating with her belay partner Matilda.

  Serpentine moves.

Summit smiles! 

Route planning, second climb.

Big moves! 

Problems to solve. 

Approaching a dead end zone for her widdle body - she just didn't have the reach to overcome this section, but she gave it a solid 30 mins of trying - no quit in this kid!

Third climb into bonus time.

She initially couldn't gain purchase on the bare slab, but a quick demo from below on crack climb hand placement, yielded positive altitude and attitude.

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