Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Moreton Island fatbike weekend - VIDEO!

I had a weekend of filming planned over on Moreton Island, to make a short clip similar to what I used to make many years ago when working in video production. This clip reminded me of the reason I followed that profession in the first place - the feeling you get when you blend great shots,  tasteful editing, a matching soundtrack and a lot of heart.

I caught the early express flyer over, many thanks to Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. I had to deliver a Moonlander to Trevor (resort manager) that he'd bought from our shop, he was pumped when he saw it and even moreso on his first ride. We rode up to the QPWS rangers' station and I met some of the the team, great bunch and chatted about the bikes - was great to hear their feedback on the bikes and the potential of exploration on the island by bike.
The accessibility, the size of the island and the terrain does lend itself very well to fatbikes. Given that there is very little infrastructure (paved roads, heavy development) it is an ideal getaway for a riding loop over a day, a weekend or a week. Then it was off to Bulwer general store, where they make an awesome steak sandwich with chips, but you gotta ring ahead to check the times they run the coffee machine...
Some clips didn't make it into the video, and some areas were better with just a photo.

Phat. Fat. Same same in my mind.

Up near Heath Island is the outlet for the lagoon, at low tide it was still too deep to ride through, plus huge sections of quicksand where I sunk knee deep in the sand during the crossing. Plenty of birdlife to spot with the binos.

Interesting wind/wave action on the coffee rock, forming all sorts of shapes.

North Point/Smith Rock overlooking Honeymoon Bay, with Cape Moreton Lighthouse in the distance.

Shadows grow longer, near North Point with Yellow Patch visible in the background.

Brand new day.

Illustrates the impact from the fatbike tyre compared to a shoed footprint. Hmmm, could there be an improvement to the old saying of take only photographs, leave only footprints...
West coast beauty, with the debris and a moderate tide you can see the difficulties for vehicles with access, but no limitations for human powered transport. 

Vast interior of coastal heathland, dormant wildflowers and white sandy singletrack. On my way back from filling up water at Blue Lagoon.

Telegraph track still has remnants of the cable for communications between wartime outposts. Fires have damaged various areas on the island, taking many years to recover due to the poor quality soils with little organic material.

We have a saying whenever leaving for an adventure - 'I'll be back at half past'. Half past what exactly? It's a rhetorical statement, that places no limits on the length of your adventure. I was booked on the 2pm boat home on Sunday, well at 2pm I was still slogging it out along Telegraph track with no phone reception.

By the time I summitted Mt Tempest, the 4:30pm boat was looking out of reach also, so re-arranged for the last boat after the dolphin feeding which started at 6pm.

Was perfect timing, in time to wash down a huge bowl of potato wedges and a coke, watch the last of the sunset and relax.
On the boat ride home, the first mate commented there were plenty of seats available inside the launch...I was quite happy to sit outside and feel the fresh air, gaze upon the stars and watch the lights of the resort slowly fade - daydreaming of the next adventure on this island gem.
Amazing where riding a bike will take you...


  1. Great video, great photos' and great reading! Really enjoyed this post. Looking forward to the next one!!!!!

  2. Thanks Phil, glad you enjoyed it mate. We are very lucky to have an island like this so close, truly is a great escape. Troy.

  3. I loved reading this, Troy. Maybe I should get a Fat Bike :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Neil, it opens up a new world of possibilities and riding adventures. I'll be arranging some rides on the forum soon enough, fats only!

  5. Totally awesome!.... Funny comment about the footprints we leave behind, on a family adventure back in January when I collected my Salted Sandfly from Yully @ the EPICENTER based on Mt Stirling in Victoria.. We headed for the beach via Cooryong and the Snowies through to Bermagui... And it was one of my first beach rides on my fatty that I noticed how little impact I was leaving behind me on the sand, the dog was leaving more tracks than me!