Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Moreton Island fatbike trip - Day 5

Ahh, you know that feeling on a holiday, when you crash early to bed, dream many times, wake up early and refreshed?

'Goooooood morning Moreton Island!' as I stood in front of the window, I felt like yelling this out to share how good life is.

'Honey, put some clothes on' wifey stated from the bed.

Hmm, yeah, whatever.

Now, today I had some reconnaisance work to do south of Tangalooma - towards The Desert and Rous Battery track. I was planning another ride for Friday, needed intel and also scope it for an afternoon trip with the family.

We had a bit of rain overnight, some of the poorer draining sections of the track to The Desert were gluggy and hard going, the centre ridge was a pretty good place to ride.

Rous Battery track is a moderate graded doubletrack, 9km long, bollards are in place to prevent 4wd access, so walking or bike access only. I rode down for 15 mins to guage the quality, my curiosity satisfied I turned around and headed to the next stop.

The Desert is a remarkable place. I took the bike to the top of a good sand toboggan slope, mindful not to damage the smooth runs there, and rode down the slope - hehe dune is bigger than you think...

Mad skillz.

I met the girls on the beach, Sally wasn't there selling her seashells, but the pet monkey was doing her duty saving sea star society...

We rode back to the walking track to The Desert, stowed the bikes in the scrub, halfway up the stairs we found this big guy on the trail. We encourage the monkey to interact with all manner of flora and fauna, to learn correct handling techniques as well as a healthy respect for bitey things.

 Wifey and I parked up on the slope, just enjoying the sunshine while the monkey burnt up calories climbing the dunes and jumping down them. 2 buses from the resort showed up, with tourists to do the sand toboganning. This provided our afternoon entertainment, sit back with a drink and chips.

Invisible bike.

Saw quite a few of these about the place, was planning to do the guided bush tucker walk the next day so hoping to identify.

Back to basecamp to pore over the topos and plan the next days ride over an afternoon cuppa.

At 6pm every night, it was down to the jetty to watch the nightly dolphin feeding, the monkey was fascinated with the newborn calf, Luna.

Saving the world, one sea star at a time.

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