Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Moreton Island fatbike trip - Day 1

"Hey Murdoch, you know what I always say, I love it when a plan comes together."

Many will remember these immortal words issued by George Peppard as John "Hannibal" Smith from the 80's version of the A-Team. Ah yes, as kids we all wanted to play our part - whether it was Hannibals' cool under pressure smile; Murdochs' insanity and tech geekery; Faces', well, his face and suave manner; or the enormous pity of Mr T... and those gold chains and biceps.

It was on this trip that my plan did come together, as well as playing several of the parts in those cheesy episodes still running on daytime tv.

I'm lucky I have an adventurous family. Often times they come along with me because I've conveniently left out some vital fact about how hard/rainy/long/hilly the trip might be, or that they have no choice because we are tethered on the tandem or dangling on a rope. I put on my Face face and suavely convince them they can get through; and other times I've just gotta sedate them just like Mr T ('coz he hated flying, remember).

When we got to the Hawkins dock for the Micat trip, I knew my plan had come together. We had a week on Moreton Island, with just the fatbikes (and the half fat tagalong) for transport. We fielded many questions while on the Micat, as the fatbikes were such a new thing for many people. We spoke to some walkers who were doing a few days walk; some teachers from Churchie doing reconnaisance for a future outdoor ed trip; some fishos, and a family in a Pajero.

Here's where our story begins...

Two fats, a half fat, a pet monkey and our junk: (note our more than capable modified, double diff locked, turbo diesel Maverick we were leaving on the mainland)

Plenty of space on the Micat for bikes, it's a quick 90 minute trip from the dock to the wrecks. Just bring along some velcro straps to lock off the brakes and lash to an upright beam for stability. Then relax in the cabin upstairs.

The Micat dumps you right off on the sand next to the wrecks. It was the first chance I had to ride the setup including the half fat tagalong fully loaded, I was stoked with it.

The monkey and I went off for a quick ride south along the west beach, dumped some of the load off the tagalong and left wifey relaxing under a palm tree with a book.  The afternoon was gorgeous.

Before too long, it was time to head for camp. The customary shot, feet up admiring the view.

Okay, okay, we weren't camping this time. Here for a week of riding, snorkelling, walking and exploring - sure was nice for a change to come back to Tangalooma HQ after each days adventure, and plan the next.

Time for a short arvo pedal.

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