Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Moreton Island fatbike trip - Day 2

Day 2 came and we were eager to get out and do something, anything - we were itching to be a part of anything adventurous.

We had quite a few ideas when we planned the trip, but we also let serendipity guide us and take it as it comes. We brought a bit of gear with us to cover most eventualities. We sat and made a plan over the first of many bland MRE breakfasts:

The day was set. Off for a walk and a chat with the locals. It's funny you know, my wife and I are introverts - we don't crave attention, we innocently brought our bikes over as transport (instead of our 4wd) and to go for a ride. It seems our bikes had caused quite a stir amongst island residents as well as guests and staff at the resort.

I'd pictured we would just blend into the scene and fly under the radar with our bikes, 'nothing to see here, move along please' because we're just regular people and to me they were just regular bikes. Wifey said 'you're dressed like Bear Grylls, riding a fat bike with 5" tyres, towing a 7 year old girl on a modified tagalong down the beach, with panniers and stuff hanging off it - at what point did you think nobody would notice you?'

She had a point. Maybe I chould have chosen the beige riding kit instead of my regular grey, might have blended in more.

Pet monkey doing her best to communicate and blend in with the wildlife:

The day was pristine, tides perfect, visibility good so best thing was to get over to the wrecks for some snorkelling. Someone was ready before we left camp...

 Tinny procured, operation and safety induction done, lets hit the water already! Punting up to the wrecks at approx half a knot...

The pet monkey had never snorkelled with us before. She was tethered to me with a few metres of climbing rope, I did a briefing on the tinny on what we would do and what she was to do. She's done plenty of mask and snorkel work in the pool, but nothing could prepare her for the deeper ocean, the adrenaline rush and colder temps. She was to cling to my back in the water until we were in position, then she was to drift and paddle as needed. Great theory. She hopped in the water after me, then decided it was too scary and wanted back in the boat. Sorry little darlin', no backing out, follow my instruction and stick to the mission plan, besides you are tethered to me and we go together. She hopped on my back, we got in position, she put her mask on and looked under the water - like a snap of the fingers she changed. 'OMG, OMG, OMG, look at the fish!'. She was hooked (pun intended).

Wifey didn't even notice the burley I rubbed into the calf of her wetsuit...

Yumyum fish...

Pet monkey was shivering from the cold and excitement:

Nice warm shower back at camp, rug up and head down for the nightly dolphin feeding.

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